Our Story

Lowry Financial Advisors, Inc., is the only independent wealth management advisory firm that provides personalized, goal-based strategies to help successful specialists and entrepreneurs Achieve Simplicity® in their personal and financial lives.


Lowry Financial Advisors, Inc., got its start in Miami, Florida, in 1978 as The Lowry Group, Inc., by our senior partner, Joseph E. Lowry. A native of South Florida, Lowry established the company with the mission of offering "the highest quality financial services to our clients." In 1979, Lowry relocated the company to Gainesville in North Florida.

Lowry Financial Advisors, Inc., was formed in 2000 and registered as an Investment Adviser in 2004 to reflect the formal positioning of Joseph E. Lowry, Jr., as a full partner in the firm. Lowry, Jr., joined the firm in 2004 and was named managing partner in 2008.

Together, Joe, Sr., and Joe, Jr., work in tandem to provide a high level of personal attention to each of the firm's clients.

In keeping with this focus, the firm is very fortunate to have an excellent and seasoned support staff, who, in like fashion, endeavor to provide the highest quality service to our clients in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner.